Situation – AS forces have begun Operations within Anizay, the AS Govt has mandated, that it will only be in Anizay until a free and fair election is conducted and a new Govt has been sworn in. Fighting is still continuing between forces loyal to the monarchy and the breakaway new forces. Intel suggest this fight is being won by the breakaway new Govt forces. AS forces continue to build up its presence in IVO FOB and continue to conduct its operations there.

Likely tasks – strengthen the FOB maintain security within the AO.


Situation – After a coup d’etat, aiming to establish a democratic government in Anizay, a minor civil war broke out in the country. The main belligerents are the democratic forces of the new government – supported by the Anizay Airforce and Airborne Troops, and the monarchist forces of the old government – supported by the Royal Army Corp of Anizay, Anizay’s ground forces. Fighting is ongoing but the conflict is nearing a close in the new government’s favour. Australia has opted to send the 39th Bn in order to assist in ending the conflict, as well as assist in the establishment of a democratic government and in security during elections.

Likely tasks – Move from airbase to a FOB and receive briefing from local forces.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – 39 BN is preparing for deployment to the region of Anizay, to assist with stability within the region.

Likely tasks – 39 BN pers will conduct RSO&I in Altis and Conduct Intermediate Medical and RaTel training, Formations, IED Identification and Disarming, and Convoy Movement.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – The CEO of Triton Dynamics and his security detail were travelling from the company villa located in Gorka. The VIP and security detail has come under attack, an emergency transponder has been triggered and Section 512 & Section 505 operating in the area has been assigned the task to rescue the VIPs and escort them to the USS Liberty in international waters east of Bay of Nihznay.

Likely Tasks – Locate, Secure, Escort VIPs and detail to Safety.

The Company


Situation – An opportunity has presented itself to capture or neutralise the North Korean leadership present on Lingor. 21 are creating a diversion by luring out the RRF, this will assist Redback one who are to capture or Kill NK leadership

Likely Tasks – Gain access to the leadership compound and preferably capture the Leadership but Dead is ok.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – An opportunity has presented itself to capture or neutralise the North Korean leadership present on Lingor. A Redback team is preparing to move in to deal the decisive blow.

To help facilitate Redback’s efforts, 2-1 are being sent to create a distraction, to funnel forces away from NK HQ. A munitions storage facility in relative proximity to the main city and NK forces has been selected as the target for the diversion attack.

The capture or neutralisation of the NK leadership will end the current hostilities on Lingor.

Likey Tasks – Destroy the munitions storage facility to incite a major enemy response, then engage enemy forces in a delaying tactic to buy Redback time to complete their objective.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – The RAL (Revolución Armada de Lingor) are an irregular armed force operating in Lingor for the past 5 years. After the invasion of both North Korean and UN forces the majority of the RAL have withdrawn into the dense jungle of the interior of the main island, however, a sizeable group have taken control of a tied island in the West.

Likey Tasks – Liberate island of insurgent control.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – The front line is growing as North Korean forces are being pushed back. Intel provided by POWs has provided location of North Korean Amour installation.

Likey Tasks – Verify intel on North Korean facility, deny enemy strategic assets.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Aerial reconnaissance has sighted North Korean forces in the vicinity of a secondary airfield to the east of Aeropuerto Sargento, as well as at least 1 transport helicopter using the airfield. Aerial reconnaissance has not been able to remain on station due to anti-aircraft threats, so scale of presence is unknown.

Likely tasks – covertly perform ground reconnaissance of the airfield and surrounds, to call in ground strikes on targets of opportunity and strategic importance.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – The APOD has been secured from North Korean forces, Intel suggests that they want it back and are likely to commence attack within the next 12 – 48 hours

Likely tasks – assist in the construction of 2 VCPs and defend against any attack

  B coy, 1pl