Situation – Due to an increase in IED strikes within the AO, the 2 shop has identified some compounds of interest in Sufian and Deraz. Its believed that a Bomb maker resides in these towns. We need to neutralise the threat in the lead up to the elections

Likely tasks – search the Towns of Sufian and Deraz, locating the Bomb factory’s and Maker/s. once located secure and seize any materials being used in the manufacturing of IEDs.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – reports have been received that the electoral candidate from OP ZWEIHANDER has been abducted at gunpoint by Anizay Liberation Front (ALF) forces. Intelligence has determined that he is most likely being held at an ALF-controlled stronghold in a town to the south. A direct assault on the stronghold is not advised, as it is likely the ALF forces will execute the delegate in such circumstances. A plan is being formulated where the 39th will participate in a diversion attack on ALF-held stores, thereby drawing forces away from the stronghold, to allow a smaller team to attempt the rescue.

Likely tasks – create a diversion by destroying known ALF stores, to allow a rescue team to enter the ALF stronghold and rescue the delegate.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Aerial and satellite photography indicates a greater enemy presence in the South than previously realised. As a consequence, more checkpoints are being established across key roads and intersections. Due to a manpower shortage, the 39th battalion has been tasked with manning some of these checkpoints.

Likely tasks – Operate vehicle checkpoint

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Burrack Hosin, brother of the deceased warlord Muammar Ntaganda from Al-Rayak, has been rumoured to be supplying the local hostile forces in Anizay. command requires this information to be verified with raids to be conducted on a number of areas of interest.

Likely tasks – I21 search and clear areas of interest.

 B coy, 1pl 


Situation – An electoral candidate has requested for sections from the 39th Battalion to act as a close protection escort during visits to local towns, in an effort to both encourage the local populace to participate in the upcoming elections as well as show the local populace that international agencies are supporting this democratic process.

Likely tasks – Provide close protection for the electoral candidate during his tour of nearby towns.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – With the Senior leadership removed from RACA Intel suggest that the RACA has splintered into different groups all trying to take over. Its unclear where these groups are, but it’s likely they will continue to harass friendly forces as we go about setting the scene for free and fair elections.

Likey Tasks – Conduct Recon/clearance patrols of likely splinter forces Hideouts whilst re-equipping the FOB with ammo and Fuel for the upcoming operations.

B coy, 1pl  


Situation – An informant has revealed the time and location of a meeting of the commanding officers of the RACA. If the RACA leadership can be neutralized, it will likely cease to exist as a unified, organized army – leaving the forces of the old government incapable of any cohesive action in retaking power.

Likely tasks – Attack the site of the meeting with the aim of capturing or neutralizing the RACA leadership.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Anizay is no closer to having a new govt sworn in, polling centres are being established across the country for the population to elect a free democratic govt. However the dates has not been set for the national election.

Likely tasks – foot patrol of urban centres, IED clearance.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – A local religious leader has been taken captive by unknown forces, and are currently located somewhere in or around the coastal town of La Rivière. Demands have been made by these forces for the release of various wartime criminals around the world. If demands are not met within the next 3 hours, the unknown forces will execute the VIP.

Likely tasks – Locate and rescue the VIP, and escort them to safety.


Situation – AS forces have begun Operations within Anizay, the AS Govt has mandated, that it will only be in Anizay until a free and fair election is conducted and a new Govt has been sworn in. Fighting is still continuing between forces loyal to the monarchy and the breakaway new forces. Intel suggest this fight is being won by the breakaway new Govt forces. AS forces continue to build up its presence in IVO FOB and continue to conduct its operations there.

Likely tasks – strengthen the FOB maintain security within the AO.

 B coy, 1pl