Situation – Russian forces within the region of Chernarus have been reinforcing their positions in the wake of an increased insurgent presence within the region. Insurgent attacks have grown in number and severity, both against friendly Russian forces as well as civilian populations that are seen to be supporting the Russian presence. At 0530hrs, an armed resupply convoy containing fuel and munitions, destined for Chernogorsk (via Zelenogorsk) failed to arrive, and has not responded to radio contact.

Likely tasks – Locate and assess the status of the missing convoy.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – A local religious leader has been taken captive by unknown forces, and are currently located somewhere in or around the coastal town of La Rivière. Demands have been made by these forces for the release of various wartime criminals around the world. If demands are not met within the next 3 hours, the unknown forces will execute the VIP.

Likely tasks – Locate and rescue the VIP, and escort them to safety.


Situation – The CEO of Triton Dynamics and his security detail were travelling from the company villa located in Gorka. The VIP and security detail has come under attack, an emergency transponder has been triggered and Section 512 & Section 505 operating in the area has been assigned the task to rescue the VIPs and escort them to the USS Liberty in international waters east of Bay of Nihznay.

Likely Tasks – Locate, Secure, Escort VIPs and detail to Safety.

The Company