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Situation – The notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin has been plaguing the 39th for months now. His efforts in Al Rayak, and most recently Anizay, have left people displaced, injured, maimed and killed. He needs to be found, and brought to stand trial for his crimes.

The most recent reliable intel we have on Hosin’s location places him in the region of Ruegen, an exclave of Germany. Ruegen has become a focal point of international interest, with multiple paramilitary groups of various alleigences springing forth from the area, with local forces struggling to keep up with the resulting anarchy.

The Ruegen government has requested for assistance from friendly nations to help quell these uprisings, as well as humanitarian efforts. The Australian Government is arranging to send the 39th Battalion to assist Ruegen forces in their efforts. Our main obectives are two-fold – assist the local government in restoring order to Ruegen; and locate and apprehend Burrack Hosin.

Likely tasks – 39 BN pers will conduct RSO&I in Altis and Conduct Paradrop (HALO) training, Close Quarters Battle, IED Identification and Disarming, and Convoy Movement.

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