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Situation – The notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin has been linked to the recent attacks in Ruegen with the local civilian population escaping South East to checkpoint West. His paramilitary forces have captured the Airfield Vic Putgarten and Naval facilities Vic Glowe in the North East, his forces have also capturing some modern equipment, vast amount of ammo storages and one of the latest German diesel Submarines. This submarine sailed out of Port 14 Hours ago and its location is unknown.

With a rogue Submarine in the area, Allied forces have ruled out a naval force to support the defending local forces until this boat is captured or sunk. The Australian Government is arranging to send the Commando forces with the 39th Battalion to assist Ruegen forces in their efforts to quell this uprising. Our main objectives are two-fold – assist the local government in restoring order to Ruegen; and locate and apprehend Burrack Hosin.

Likely tasks – Conduct a HALO jump into DZ A3 and secure the POE for follow-on forces to insert. Ensure all enemy AA is neutralised.

 B coy, 1pl
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