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Situation – The Host nation has just released information that some of its WMD stockpile has been stolen by the notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin’s Army during his recent capture of the Airfield Vic Putgarten in the North East of Reugen. After AS forces removed Burrack Hosin forces from the APOD, it has been discovered that Burrack Hosin forces didn’t locate all of the WMDs.

The WMD that are still located within the APOD, Command has decided that the WMDs still located within the APOD must be removed from the area so that they can’t also be stolen by Burrack’s forces and risk them being sold to terrorist groups. 39BN Pers have been tasked to act as convoy escort for the two Vehicles carrying these WMD to the Navy Port vic Glowe.

Likely tasks – Conduct convoy protection duties.

B coy, 1pl 

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