Do you have an age restriction?

Yes, we require all members to be 18 years old or above.

Do you have a clan charter that outlines the expectations of prospect members?

Yes, you can find it on our wiki here.

Are you a proper Milsim Clan?

We implement realistic tactics, techniques, and procedures for our members, but we do not ask our members to do things like address other members by any title or salute in-game like full Milsim clans.

Do you use mods?

Yes, we use RHS, ACRE2, ACE3, Project Uncut and an assortment of other mods packed into our own modset, which isn’t available on the steamwork shop.

Can I download the mods through Steam / Play With Six?

No. We use Arma3Sync to distribute our modset to our members, which is refreshed once a month for quality control.

Do you have your own server?

Yes, its hosted in Sydney, Australia.

Can anyone join your server?

The server is only open to members of the 39th Battalion and Members of the South Joint Operations Coalition (SJOC) when a joint operations event is being hosted by 39th Battalion.

How frequently are missions run?

We run 2 missions per week.

Friday Nights is are our Beer & Bullets nights, we either play Escape From missions or a custom mission one of our members has created, these nights are designed to have a very laid back atmosphere, we do not record attendance.

Sunday Operations is our main mission night, we record attendance for these missions.

What are the duration of your Sunday Operations?

We aim for a 2 – 3 hour duration.

What if I can’t make mission nights?

We ask all members to fill out the sign-up sheet before Friday of every week so we are aware if you will not be attending on Sunday Operation night.

Do you do Joint Operations with other units?

Yes, if you are a coordinator from another group, please get in touch with our admin team via our Discord server. From there we can work out the finer points of what our expectations are, mission details and duration and modpacks.