Clan Charter

General Rules

The rules stated below apply to all members of the clan.

  1. All members will respect all others (new and current).
  2. All 39th Battalion members must display the [39bn] clan tag in Teamspeak at all times.
  3. The 39th Battalion has a official Teamspeak avatar image. But we allow members to use anything they like, as long as it’s not offensive.
  4. Members are encouraged to use “push to talk” capture in the TS options.
  5. Members will be moved channels if a member does not mute themselves when “hot mic’ing”.
  6. If a member has an inappropriate name tag they will be subject to a rename.

Operation Rules

  1. All members will respect and follow the chain of command within missions.
  2. Members will conduct themselves seriously on Sunday Operations.
  3. Sign ups for Sunday Operations are to be recorded by each member no later than midnight Friday preceding the Sunday Operation.
  4. Sign ups are a responsibility of each individual of the clan for themselves.
  5. A member who has not signed up by Friday midnight will be penalised on sunday by having the mission maker choose their role for them.
  6. In-game death is defined as either ‘within’ or ‘beyond’ player control;
    1. Death within player control is that considered generally avoidable. Examples include and are not limited to:
      1. Irregular driving or flying causing total vehicle destruction;
      2. Unauthorised discharge of ordnance causing self harm;
      3. Falling from a building causing death.
    2. Death beyond user control are incidents that are generally unavoidable. Examples include and are not limited to:
      1. A passenger to irregular driving or flying causing total vehicle destruction;
      2. Victim to unauthorised discharge of ordnance from third party;
      3. Victim to Arma ‘glitches’.
  7. Player disconnection (not death) due to Steam Ticket, internet connectivity or general Arma glitches are authorised to return to the game.
  8. Re-connection to the game (as per item 6) is at the in-game Commander’s discretion as to when or how this may occur.
  9. Members are to enter the operation in “Whisper” mode via ACRE2 controls until ordered otherwise.
  10. Deliberate Team Killing/Team Asset Destruction will not be tolerated – anyone caught doing so will instantly removed from the session.


  1. The clan admin’s hold authority to grant approval or denial of the introduction of any new Mod.
  2. Arma3 Sync is the official mod management software of the clan.
  3. All Sunday Op important mods are located in the repo directory. Other mods for MCC’s/Off campaign mods, and Client sides.
  4. Any mission important updates to the repo will be given 1 week notice before operation commences.
  5. Monthly repo updates will be looked at by the Admins in the conferences before they make their way onto the repo.
  6. Monthly repo updates will not exceed 3gb. Campaign updates are more lenient.


  1. Sunday Operation attendance is compulsory for all members.
  2. Attendance is recorded in the attendance sheet for each member.
  3. Attendance that fall below 50% will be looked at by the admins to determine applicable recourse.
  4. Long leave will be granted no longer than 3 months.
  5. Leave taken longer than 3 months will be looked at by the admins to determine applicable recourse.
  6. 4 failed signups in a quarter will result in your place in the clan being brought into question.


  1. Minimum age for new recruit is 18.
  2. All prospects must apply using the following 39th Battalion Application Form. Once completed you will need to join the 39th Battalion Discord Server
  3. Admins make the decision on applicant based on the responses on written application or via direct interview.
  4. FNG’s (Fairly New Guys) will be required to undergo orientation day. This will involve training the applicant of the 39th ways of ARMA simulation on a 1 to 1 basis.
  5. FNG’s will hold the clan tag of [39bn FNG].


  1. Training for specialised roles is non-compulsory.
  2. Training is available for members when an admin is available on Thursday nights.
  3. Member’s cannot play in specialised roles until they meet the qualifications of such roles.

End of Terms and Conditions.

39th Battalion Admins
39th Battalion
26 MAR 18