Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: IRI forces are retreating as I-21 engages en. along the northern mountain range. As IRI armored and mechanized assets have been observed in the area, T-20 & V-20 have been deployed to defeat retreating forces and assault IRI installations further north.

Likely Tasks: Armored Assault


Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: ADF positioning has forced IRI elements into fallback positions along the northern mountain range. The enemy is using adverse terrain to prevent vehicular access and are deploying MANPADs to restrict the airspace. I-21 is to be deployed into the AO and will remove en. MANPADs from the region IOT facilitate future operations.

Likely Tasks: Combat Patrol (Rotary Deployment)


Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: Current ADF successes have seen IRI forces moving north-east of recent engagement areas, with expectation that the separatist IRI Command is moving to consolidate local forces. I-21 are to move from FOB Moop to Ben Guerrir, then conduct patrol north-east to locate and neutralise any IRI forces remaining.

Likely Tasks: Armored Assault


Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: Destruction of en. supply has forced IRI to relocate along the north-western mountainside. I-21 are to patrol areas of high activity IOT prevent en. encircling ADF assets operating in the Southern basin.

Likely Tasks: Combat Patrol.

WNGO – Operation PUCE

Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: Intel relayed from forward elements conclude that IRI forces are staging for an assault on FOB Moop. With the FOB still under construction, I21 are to take the initiative and disperse enemy forces at the staging area near the township of Kalaat.

Likely tasks: Mounted Combat Patrol.

WNGO – Operation MODERNA

Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: IRI assaults on electoral proceedings have demonstrated callous disregard for civilian casualties and resulted in the death of ADF personnel. ADF CMD has declared the IRI separatist aggressors as a terror group and committed to offensive action IOT force IRI forces to disband. An armored spearhead, supported by RB elements and fixed-wing CAS, will establish a foothold in the region.

Likely Tasks: Armored Combat Patrol, CAS Designation


Bcoy, 1pl

Situation: Red Back elements are tasked with locating and destroying mobile strategic assets ahead of an armored spearhead into the region.

Likely Tasks: Mounted Reconnaissance, Destruction of en. AA and ATGM stores.


B coy, 1pl

Situation: Intel has been received that IRI forces have taken political candidates hostage. Reports from local forces suggests the hostages has been moved to a compound South-East of the city.

Likely Tasks: Vehicle Mounted Assault, Hostage Rescue

WNGO – Operation TITIAN

B coy, 1pl

Situation – Civil unrest and competing political factions have forced Iran’s government to a grinding halt. The 39th Battalion has been deployed as a peacekeeping force to prevent further escalation into armed conflict to ensure a peaceful election can take place.

Likely Tasks – Vehicle Mounted Patrol

WNGO – Operation PYTHON

Situation – Despite being cut off from reinforcement, elements of the 39bn have caused significant damage to regional PAVN efforts and have regained radio contact with AUS CMD. The encircled element has been tasked with destroying AA equipment preventing extraction efforts while friendly elements fight to reinforce 2-1A and prepare an LZ to exfil survivors.

Likely tasks – AA destruction, combat patrol(s), LZ defense.