Situation – The Host nation has just released information that some of its WMD stockpile has been stolen by the notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin’s Army during his recent capture of the Airfield Vic Putgarten in the North East of Reugen. After AS forces removed Burrack Hosin forces from the APOD, it has been discovered that Burrack Hosin forces didn’t locate all of the WMDs.

The WMD that are still located within the APOD, Command has decided that the WMDs still located within the APOD must be removed from the area so that they can’t also be stolen by Burrack’s forces and risk them being sold to terrorist groups. 39BN Pers have been tasked to act as convoy escort for the two Vehicles carrying these WMD to the Navy Port vic Glowe.

Likely tasks – Conduct convoy protection duties.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – An informant has claimed that, Baltic Oil and Freight (BOF), a company active in the region, has been using the Port of Sassnitz to ship weapons and other materials into Ruegen. This equipment and weapons are being used by paramilitary groups like Hosin’s army. Satellite photography seems to corroborate this. BOF and the Port of Sassnitz administration have refused to cooperate in the investigation of these allegations. The 39bn has been tasked with raiding the port and industrial area.

Likely tasks – Raid the Sassnitz Port and industrial area, searching for evidence of weapons shipping and detaining individuals suspected to be involved. B coy, 1pl

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – UAV reconnaissance flyovers of the south-east area of Rügen, has indicated large gathering of personnel and vehicles in a number of key locations.

Likely tasks – Move from FOB Stezza by CH-47 to designated LZ and conduct recon of area, report findings to Red Main and await further tasking.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Despite the destruction of various supplies, Burrack Hosin and his forces are still at large within Ruegen and now have access to one of the German diesel submarines seized from the dock at Glowe. With land and sea routes deemed too risky for resupply, the ADF have opted for defensive supplies to be dropped by air, until more of the immediate area is secure.

Likely tasks – Establish a FOB to act as a staging ground for further operations within the AO.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – The notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin has been linked to the recent attacks in Ruegen with the local civilian population escaping South East to checkpoint West. His paramilitary forces have captured the Airfield Vic Putgarten and Naval facilities Vic Glowe in the North East, his forces have also capturing some modern equipment, vast amount of ammo storages and one of the latest German diesel Submarines. This submarine sailed out of Port 14 Hours ago and its location is unknown.

With a rogue Submarine in the area, Allied forces have ruled out a naval force to support the defending local forces until this boat is captured or sunk. The Australian Government is arranging to send the Commando forces with the 39th Battalion to assist Ruegen forces in their efforts to quell this uprising. Our main objectives are two-fold – assist the local government in restoring order to Ruegen; and locate and apprehend Burrack Hosin.

Likely tasks – Conduct a HALO jump into DZ A3 and secure the POE for follow-on forces to insert. Ensure all enemy AA is neutralised.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – The notorious arms dealer Burrack Hosin has been plaguing the 39th for months now. His efforts in Al Rayak, and most recently Anizay, have left people displaced, injured, maimed and killed. He needs to be found, and brought to stand trial for his crimes.

The most recent reliable intel we have on Hosin’s location places him in the region of Ruegen, an exclave of Germany. Ruegen has become a focal point of international interest, with multiple paramilitary groups of various alleigences springing forth from the area, with local forces struggling to keep up with the resulting anarchy.

The Ruegen government has requested for assistance from friendly nations to help quell these uprisings, as well as humanitarian efforts. The Australian Government is arranging to send the 39th Battalion to assist Ruegen forces in their efforts. Our main obectives are two-fold – assist the local government in restoring order to Ruegen; and locate and apprehend Burrack Hosin.

Likely tasks – 39 BN pers will conduct RSO&I in Altis and Conduct Paradrop (HALO) training, Close Quarters Battle, IED Identification and Disarming, and Convoy Movement.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Russian forces within the region of Chernarus have been reinforcing their positions in the wake of an increased insurgent presence within the region. Insurgent attacks have grown in number and severity, both against friendly Russian forces as well as civilian populations that are seen to be supporting the Russian presence. At 0530hrs, an armed resupply convoy containing fuel and munitions, destined for Chernogorsk (via Zelenogorsk) failed to arrive, and has not responded to radio contact.

Likely tasks – Locate and assess the status of the missing convoy.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – The first democratic election of Anizay is to occur in the next couple days and the local law enforcement and international NGOs are committed to ensuring the process runs smoothly and safely. I21 is assisting with security where it can while also preparing to transition back to Australia, handing operational responsibility to A Squadron, 2 CAV. The village Mufti of Naw has asked for assistance regarding a civil dispute, which has escalated to threats of violence. The local law enforcement is understaffed and unable to address the issue. I39 has been tasked with de-escalating the situation in their stead.

Likely tasks – Calm a civil dispute, preventing the outbreak of violence and providing security until the dispute can be resolved peacefully.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Negotiations have secured the release of key IDAP personal responsible in organizing the election for the democratic govt of Anizay. The hostage exchange will take place at an ALF controlled compound.

Likely tasks – meet with the ALF Chief and conduct the exchange of the hostages.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – Due to an increase in IED strikes within the AO, the 2 shop has identified some compounds of interest in Sufian and Deraz. Its believed that a Bomb maker resides in these towns. We need to neutralise the threat in the lead up to the elections

Likely tasks – search the Towns of Sufian and Deraz, locating the Bomb factory’s and Maker/s. once located secure and seize any materials being used in the manufacturing of IEDs.

B coy, 1pl