Situation – Reports indicate that the Red Legion are coercing locals to give up crucial supplies like fuel and food to them. Increased vehicle traffic South, across the river from Phoumi Moattonle suggests this may be where these supplies are being delivered to. 39bn have been tasked with searching the area.

Likely tasks – Perform a search of the area for enemy activity and stockpiles of supplies.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – With the initial successes enjoyed by the Redback teams, it is anticipated that the Red Legion will send forces to assault the Forward Operating Base, in an effort to disrupt 39 BN efforts in the theatre. 2-1 are currently stationed at the FOB.

Likely tasks – Prepare defensive equipment around the FOB, and repel any assault forces from the FOB.

 B coy, 1pl


Situation – Drug and weapons traffickers have been spotted running long boats up and down the Steung Teuktnaot river. Redback is to locate the source and deny enemy logistics.

Likely tasks – 39 BN pers will conduct fast rope deployment, foot patrol & deny enemy logistics.

B coy, 1pl


Situation – Cambodia has been struggling with a major increase in illicit activities within its borders, with a notable surge in operations focused on drug smuggling, arms deals, and piracy. In an effort to stop these transgressors, the Cambodian government has reached out to governments in the Asia-Pacific region requesting assistance. The Australian government has responded, sending the 39 BN in to assist with locating and halting the illegal operations taking place.

Likely tasks – 39 BN pers will conduct RSO&I in Altis, focusing on infantry tactics, target indication, movement within close-in environments, and mine/explosive detection and removal.

B coy, 1pl

39th Battalion Year in Review 2019

We are proud to present the year in review showcase, the admin team would like to thank everyone in clan for their participation in the multiple campaigns, breaker missions and beer and bullets nights throughout 2019!

Going forward here’s to 2020 being of the same quality!

39th Battalion Admins 
39th Battalion 

39th Battalion wraps up another year!

With the final operation of 2019 conducted, the 39th Battalion is going into hibernation over the holiday break, we wish all our members a safe holiday period and come back refreshed for 2020 operations which are scheduled to resume on the 19 JAN 2020.

39th Battalion Admins 
39th Battalion


Situation – Intelligence extracted by the rescued Redback team has revealed that the regional LDF military leadership will be present at a LDF base directly outside of the city of Rosche. Capturing or neutralising the military leadership will incapacitate the LDF command structure, allowing for local forces to retake territory and push the Livonian forces out of the region.

Likely tasks – assault LDF base at Rosche, capture or neutralise LDF leadership.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – A Redback team have come under attack while returning from a reconnaissance mission in the eastern fringes of Rosche. Long range communication with the team has been lost, however BluForce tracking is showing at least one cTab system active and mobile, indicating at least one survivor from the attack. Livonian forces are on a state of high alert, meaning the Redback survivor’s chances of breaking through Livonian-held territory without assistance is slim.

Likely tasks – locate and extract the Redback survivors.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – With Barrak Hosin and the Filip Kozłowski dead, the Livonian forces are scrambling to respond to the attack. With Livonian forces in disarray 2-1 are to capitalise on confusion by denying the enemy vital supply assets. With QRFs moving in search of Redback, supply points to the North are now less defended, allowing 2-1 to destroy or seize these positions to sustain further operations.

Likely tasks – Capture or neutralise vehicle resupply depots.

B coy, 1pl 


Situation – Reconnaissance has located the primary route used by the Livonian army to transport personnel and equipment close to the frontline. Intercepted radio communications indicates that an upcoming convoy along this route is being used to transport a high ranking officer of the Livonian Army, Filip Kozłowski, as well as Burrack Hosin, who, it is believed, is being given a tour of the front. Redback have been on long range reconnaissance patrol behind enemy lines and have been tasked with ambushing the convoy.

Likely tasks – Ambush the convoy and capture or kill HVTs.

  B coy, 1pl