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SOP No. Nil
SOP Title 39BN ARMA3 Unit
Author thraxjor
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 02 APR 18
Last Review Date 02 APR 18
Reviewed By LJFox


Bohemia Interactive has developed the ARMA 3 Units page, a web-based service for connecting Arma 3 players to Arma community groups.

As such 39th Battalion has a presence on this service to use as

  1. promotional/recruitment tool.
  2. in-game member management.
  3. to retire the infamous squad.xml.
  4. to display the 39BN patch/branding in-game.


This Applies to all members of the clan.


Members are requried to own a copy of ARMA 3 digital copy obtained by a digital content delivery system i.e. Steam or a physical copy.

Have your steam account linked to BI Account, You can do this here


  • Administrators are required to approve certified members that apply to the ARMA 3 units page.
  • Members of the clan are required to sign up to the 39th Battalion units page and provided the name in which they are signing up under for verification.


Members are required to sign into the Bohemia account page using there steam account, this will create a link between your steam account and Bohemia in order for the ARMA 3 Launcher to obtain the data needed to setup the 39th Battalion Unit details to be used in-game.

The Steps to complete this process are the following.

  1. Open the following link, then proceeded to step 2.
  2. From the login page, select the Steam Icon, then proceeded to step 3.
  3. Enter your username and password to Sign into accounts.bistudio.com using your Steam account, then proceeded to step 4.
  4. Once logged you will be presented with "My Units", Click on the following link which will take you to the 39th Battalion Unit page. then proceeded to step 5.
  5. On the 39th Battalion units page, click on the apply button. fillout the required infomation and press submit, then proceeded to step 6.
  6. Once completed send the Administrator team a message informing that you have applied to the ARMA 3 Units page, then proceeded to step 7.
  7. After you have recived confirmation that your ARMA 3 Units request has been approved, open the ARMA 3 Launcher. then proceed to step 8.
  8. Within the ARMA 3 Launcher, Select Dashboard. Under Dashboard the My Units will appear. Select the 39th Battalion by hovering your mouse over the squad logo and click on the tick box. then proceed to step 9.
  9. Click on Play from the ARMA 3 Launcher. then proceed to step 10.
  10. Enter the Main Menu, and hover over our profile name which will display the 39th Battalion unit profile.


ARMA 3 Units Feedback Thread


ARMA 3 Units or Unit - service provided by BI to allow players group in-games, known as Units and displays there unit patch on their avatar.

squad.xml - Legacey feature to group players in-game, requires to be stored on website or 3rd party hosting service.