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SOP Title Administration Guidelines
Author Anfo
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 14 AUG 17
Last Review Date N/A
Reviewed By Anfo


As an Administrator of the 39th Battalion, extended duties and responsibilities have either been poorly recorded or implied but never specified. The purpose of this procedure is to document verbally communicated rules or agreements into a written format for future cross reference and to avoid the human errors of miscommunication or memory recall. By doing so all Administrators have a centrally located repository by which all parties agree and abide.


This SOP is aimed at guiding the current Administration team at time of writing Dodgy, Helix, Iron Tarkus, Nortcai and thraxjor.


Guidelines may not be added, altered or removed without majority Administrator vote.


Administrators have a responsibility to abide by these Guidelines until such time as any errors or redundancies are identified and corrected. No Administrator is excluded from these Guidelines unless an exception is explicitly stated.


  1. General
    1. The wiki is the officially recognised central information repository for the Clan,
    2. Three additional Teamspeak slots must exist above the current Clan player base,
    3. Game slot count must equal clan member count and will be raised once a prospect successfully completes Induction Training
    4. Admins are to help members in matters relating to the 39th. This can include things like helping members with mods, responding to technical issues members have during missions, and taking into consideration suggestions made by members,
    5. An Admin must put the good of everyone else before himself,
    6. An Admin will complete allocated monthly tasks without the need of reminders from others,
    7. An Admin actively endeavours to improve the clan's procedures, assets and growth.
  2. Operations
    1. It is compulsory for members to have the 39th Battalion join the ARMA 3 Unit and have it applied to their Arma 3 profile,
    2. Mission makers are to have a Warning Order (WNGO) posted in the Discord Operations Channel/Forum no later than Wednesday before an Operation,
    3. All Admins are required to be available to participate as leaders in all capacities in accordance with FTL Roster,
    4. All Admins and nominated FTL members are to attend Infantry centric training,
    5. All Admins are to contribute to Sunday mission making on current rotation,
    6. Members who signup late will have their role chosen by Mission Maker(s),
    7. Trained and qualified members are only eligible to enter CFA and Signaler positions
    8. Section Commanders are authorised to justifiably reduce double front-line ammunition loadouts if it is estimated to impede mission success and/or soldier performance
  3. Meetings
    1. Administrator meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each Calendar month,
    2. Meetings start at 1930 (7.30pm) AEST/AEDT,
    3. Administrator monthly role handover will be performed at the conclusion of the meeting,
  4. Recruiting
    1. New recruits will be evaluated during a four week trial operation period,
    2. The four week evaluation period must be achieved within a maximum eight week period,
    3. More than 50% absence during the eight week period constitutes a failed evaluation,
    4. The choice to advance a prospects application is at the sole discretion of the responsible Administrator,
    5. All Admins (when available) are to participate in prospecting on public servers when required,
    6. All Admins are to initiate/perform administrative guidance for new recruits when joining the clan, on a frequency (TBD),
      1. Introductory interview,
      2. application,
      3. Arma 3 Sync setup,
      4. First mod sync,
      5. Schedule training.
    7. Member ceiling goal is 39 (One standard Infantry Platoon)
  5. Training
    1. All Admins are to initiate/perform a non-induction related training session on a subject, audience and frequency (TBD),
    2. All Admins are to initiate/perform a Recruit Induction including Weapons training on a frequency (TBD),
    3. Any Administrator tasked with performing an Induction must ensure a quality, contiguous and thorough delivery on the official 39th Battalion training map,
  6. Mod Management
    1. Mod syncronisation is to be completed NLT Monday 1200 AEST/AEDT closest Sunday to end of month.


  1. Monthly Administrators Meeting


  1. XML - An information file used in Arma multiplayer games containing a players name, clan logo, and contact information,
  2. URL - A Uniform Resource Locator, also known as a web address is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it,
  3. AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time,
  4. AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time

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