Fast Roping

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SOP No. 230
SOP Title Fast Roping
Author thraxjor
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 24 JAN 20
Last Review Date 21 JAN 20
Reviewed By N/A


The Fast Roping SOP is being written to ensure that all members of the clan understand the process involved with Fast Roping from a Helicopter using the FIRES System feature of ACE.


All Clan members involved with Sunday Operations.


  • Understanding How to use the ACE vehicle interaction Menu system. (Left Windows Key in close proximity or inside of a vehicle.)
  • Understanding How to use the ACE Self-Interaction Menu system (CTRL+Left Windows Key.)
  • Optional a Fast Roping keybinding can be set under the addons controls scheme from the ACE Vehicle section, by default it is unset.



  • Prepares the Section for Fast Roping deployment.
  • Assigns a member of the section to be a FIRES Operator to operator the fast rope system.
  • Coordinates the fast roping deployment.

FIRES Operator

  • Prepares the Fast Rope System.
  • Deploys the Fast Rope System.


  • Prepares the Helicopter for Fast Rope deployment.
  • Cuts Fast Rope and leaves the drop site after section has been deployed from Helicopter.


  • If Present, Pilot responsibilities are assigned to co-pilot.


Preparing to Fast Rope

When preparing to fast rope into a landing zone. The following is required for optimal deployment using the fast rope system.

Sunray designates individual player deploying the fast roping system from the vehicle, this will be FIRES Operator.

  • Order in which team members will deploy.
  • You can use the shacktac hud player list.

This is to ensure that there is no player injury from falling from deployment vehicle and there is a clear line of communication during the exercise.

Fast Roping
Step Who What
1 Sunray Sunray Announces Fast Roping will Commence.
2 FIRES Operator Deploys Fast Rope System.
3 FIRES Operator Deploys Ropes.
4 Sunray Announces player names to commence fast roping procedure.
5 Players Announces they are fast roping.
6 Players Announces they have reached ground.
7 Players Moves to defensive position.
8 Sunray Repeats Step 4 until all players have exited the vehicle.
9 Sunray Informan's the Pilot of the Vehicle he is the last.
10 Pilot Cuts ropes and exfil the area.

Defensive Position

When a player has reached the ground after fast roping, they are to move away from the landing area approximately 5 - 10 meters away to form a defensive perimeter around the area covering players fast roping.

This serves two purposes

  • Provides protection to players that cannot defend themselves fast roping.
  • Clears the area of the landing area so players can move freely.
  • Helicopter falls out of the sky

When forming the defensive position, the 1st person to land on the ground, moves 10 meters to the front of the vehicle, the 2nd person is to move to the rear of the vehicle, 3rd to the Left and 4th to the right.


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