Military Freefall

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SOP No. Nill
SOP Title Military Freefall
Author MrNinja
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 22 JUL 15
Last Review Date Nil
Reviewed By Nil


The Purpose of this SOP is to train members in the correct procedure for using the T10 Static Line parachute with the C130J for airborne operations. The T10 maybe used when rapid deployment to a location is required or when terrain makes helicopter deployment unfeasible.


This SOP offers instruction to all passengers and crew of the C130J involved in the process of Military Freefall from the C130J aircraft.


All jumpers require their team assignments to be finalised and radios to be tuned to Channel 1 (Short Range) frequency in order to receive instructions from the Load Master or Pilot. Freefall participants must have a basic knowledge of RATEL procedure and navigation in order to move from the DZ to the required RV.


  • Squad/Team Leaders: Responsible for the coordination of their respective squads preceeding takeoff and proceeding freefall landing;
  • Loadmaster: Responsible for coordinating and executing freefall of C130J passengers during flight;
  • Pilot/Co-pilot: Responsible for executing the correct altitude and flight line to the DZ (Drop Zone) as well as coordinating with the Load Master of when to execute freefall from the aircraft.


The jump procedure begins on the ground with all jumpers loaded out with correct equipment.

  1. 0Alpha is to define RV points for each squad individually or as a platoon for the jumpers after they land;
  2. The squads are to load up in jump order. Personnel are loaded onto the plane front to back (position 0 - 50). All Jumpers, Load Master and Aircrew will change to Channel 1 (SR) for the freefall;
  3. Pilot is to take off and climb to an altitude of 2000m before proceeding to the DZ. During this time the redlight jump signal will be turned on;
  4. At 5 minutes to DZ, Pilot will announce “5 minutes to jump” at which point the Loadmaster will open the rear cargo and side doors;
  5. Upon reaching the DZ the pilot will switch the jump light to green as well as announcing the green light condition for the freefall. The Load Master will execute the freefall with a scroll wheel option;
  6. Passengers will be ejected from the aircraft in the order they embarked; in 2 lines with approximately 0.25 seconds between jumpers;
  7. Upon landing vicinity of the DZ, all squads will change to their squad frequency and proceed to the RV points as ordered.




  • C130J: The designation of a turboprop military transport aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin;
  • Load Master: An aircrew member in charge of the loading of the aircraft and execution of the freefall. The Load Master does not remain with the aircrew following freefall but participates;
  • DZ (Drop Zone): The target ground area for the freefall to cover;
  • Jumper - participant in freefall;
  • RV (Rendezvous):A FUP (Form up Point) designated in orders to where jumpers will move to after freefall has completed.