Mission Creation Checklist

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SOP No. 130
SOP Title Mission Creation Checklist
Author N/A
Revision No. 1.1
Implementation Date N/A
Last Review Date 3 APR 19
Reviewed By thraxjor

Mission Conceptualisation

  1. Planning Considerations based on lessons learned from previous mission builds:
    1. Random opfor patrols should be integrated on all missions in order to exercise basic security disciplines;
    2. Avoid placing players near opfor in situations where load times, desync and other factors may be unfavourable to their survival;
    3. Recycling a SQM mission file multiple times during a campaign may cause instability or undesired affects;
    4. Keep to a creation schedule where Thursday is the cutoff for mission creation, leaving Friday, Saturday and Sunday for testing;
    5. No new mission ideas are to be introduced after the Thursday cutoff;
    6. Use another person to provide feedback and check for errors that could be overlooked by the builder;
    7. Attempt to visualise the mission playing for 2 hours maximum;
    8. Check the list available below for updates and follow where possible to avoid mistakes;
    9. Check the balance between opfor and blufor;
    10. Avoid hidden objectives as it doesn't allow for proper time management;
    11. If blufor is placed in relatively safe positions, more opfor can be introduced;
    12. If opfor vehicles are present for ambience only, then they should be locked;
    13. Civilians (playing opfor) and maybe opfor using waypoints that are safe or careless may not act hostile;
    14. Arma 3 only allows 144 groups per side per mission;
  2. Other considerations from observation:
    1. Long periods between engagements is to be avoided;
    2. Making players wait for events to happen is to be avoided;
    3. An emphasis on all roles equally being utilised is encouraged;
    4. Ongoing stimulation encouraged (e.g. random opfor patrols);
    5. Vehicle convoys are not favoured nor a lot of driving;
    6. Excessive building searching to be avoided;
    7. Area engagements not to exceed a ratio of 1:3.5 (BLUFOR:OPFOR).

Mission Creation

    1. File:Script pack 2019.zip
    2. Unit Template
  2. Join in Progress (JIP) Marker
    1. Create Marker respawn_west
      1. Description.ext: Mode 3 (respawn to marker)
  3. Extra Framework folders. The following folders are optional and until required will remain hidden. Click "Show" to reveal.
  • Minimum Base Mods
    1. @CBA
      1. Default settings
  1. Supply Boxes. Due to a change from scripted to manual allocation of equipment to players, the following information is deprecated. Click "Show" to reveal its content.
  1. Player Units:
  2. Map Group Indicators:

Mission Testing

  1. Create test player and vehicle groups to this allowdamage false
  2. Upload mission to server;
  3. Launch: use this form to check mission readiness

Mission Signoff

Get somebody else to check and provide opinion - important!