Substance Painter Export Settings

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In Substance Painter, you need to ensure that you have added Opacity, Specular & Glossiness channels to prevent the texture sets from not being generated.

Aram3 substance painter export settings 3.png

Here you will find the export settings from substance painter in which will create texture maps used for texturing a model to be used as a ARMA 3 game asset.

Arma 3 substance painter export settings.png

_co = RGB/Base Colour (RGB)
_as = R+G+B R=Opacity (Grayscale) / G=Ambient Occlusion (Grayscale) / B=Opacity (Grayscale)
_nohq = RGB = Normal DirectX (RGB)
_smdi = R+G+B = Opacity (Grayscale) / G=Specular (Grayscale) / B=Glossiness (Grayscale)

Exported texture format has to .tga which will be auto coverted to paa formart by object builder/bulldozer.

Arma 3 substance painter export settings 2.png