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Welcome to 39th Battalion Wiki.

Soldiers of the 39th Battalion 2015

The 39th Battalion Wiki is a wiki maintained by the Administrative team of the 39th Battalion ARMA 3 Simulation Clan.

Soldiers of the 39th Battalion 2017

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a knowledge base for the 39th Battalion ARMA 3 Simulation Clan, where information is share on the operations of the clan, mission editing, unit organization, training topics and much more.

Soldiers of the 39th Battalion 2018

About the 39th Battalion

Established in 2013, the 39th Battalion ARMA 3 Clan fosters the memory of Australian Infantry soldiers who famously defended against the advance of the Japanese Imperial Army over Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea during World War 2. In observance of their sacrifice, the 39th Battalion ARMA Clan pursues all available ARMA 3 and Community wide resources, in concurrence with historical and modern military procedures in order to model ourselves on the proud men and women who serve in Australia’s Defence Force.

History of the 39th Battalion

The 39th Battalion served in France & Flanders in World War 1, and in the Kokoda Track Campaign and Battle of Buna-Gona during World War 2 The 39th Battalion was officially disbanded in 1943.

Soldiers of the 39th Battalion following their relief in September 1942

Important Documents

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