Performing a Client Repository Synchronisation

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SOP No. Nill
SOP Title Performing a Client Repository Synchronisation
Author thraxjor
Revision No. 1.0
Implementation Date 3 APR 19
Last Review Date N/A
Reviewed By N/A


Client Repository Synchonisation is a way of distrubting the modifcations or mods to members of the clan to use on the 39th Battalion ARMA 3 game server. The standard tool used to perform a client reposiotroy synchronisation is Arma3Sync.


ALL Members of the Clan.


  1. Runtime environment Java (JRE) Oracle 7 or 8 must be installed (download).
  2. ARMA 3 base game installed.
  3. Arma3Sync Installed (download).
  4. Reposiotroy synchronisation auto configration url, provided at induction session.


All Members of the clan must perform a synchronisation once a month or when notifed when the reposiotry is updated by discord announcements from the admin team.


Step Detail
1 Repo01.png Select the Repositories Tab, proceed to Step 2.
2 Repo02.png Click on the Blue Cross, proceed to Step 3.
3 Repo03.png Enter the Public Auto-Config URL (this will be provided during the induction process), proceed to Step 4.
4 Repo04.png Click on Import, proceed to Step 5.
5 Repo05.png If connection success! message appears, press ok, proceed to Step 6.
6 Repo06.png Click on Addon Options, proceed to Step 7.
7 Repo07.png Click on the Blue cross, proceed to Step 8.
8 Repo08.png Navigate to the ARAM 3 root directory, this is normal located under <STEAM>\steamapps\common\arma 3\. proceed to Step 9.
9 Repo09.png Create a new folder called 39modpack and select the newly created folder 39modpack and press open, proceed to Step 10.
10 Repo10.png Select the Repositories Tab, proceed to Step 11.
11 Repo11.png Under the events window, select training than press the icon with white squre and blue arrow pointing to right, proceed to Step 12.e
12 Repo12.png Click on select all, proceed to Step 13.
13 Repo13.png Click on download. depending on your broadband, an 10mbps connection 25GB takes 5.2 hours to download. after download has completed, proceed to Step 14.
14 Repo14.png Click on the Launcher Options tab, proceed to Step 15.
15 Repo15.png Click on Select under the ARMA III Executable location, proceed to Step 16.
16 Repo16.png Select the arma3_x64.exe and press open, proceed to Step 17.
17 Repo17.png Select the Addons Tab, proceed to Step 18.
18 Repo18.png Click on the Blue Cross, proceed to Step 19.
19 Repo19.png From the modset window, select Training by click on the tickbox from the get addon group from event, press ok, proceed to Step 20.
20 Repo20.png Select the training modset group which will tick all addon within it, than press start game.



  • Arma3Sync - Software used to download the mods or modifications that are used within the 39th Battalion;
  • Autoconfiguration URL - a internet address which is provided to automatically configure the repository settings, in order to download;
  • Modset - is the organized group of modifications which has been used for a mission;