Performing a Repository Synchronisation

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SOP Title Performing a Repository Synchronisation
Author Iron Tarkus
Revision No. 1.0
Implementation Date 16 OCT 17
Last Review Date
Reviewed By


This SOP covers the process in which to prepare, perform and certify a monthly Repository synchronisation.


This SOP applies to Administrators in the rostered role of performing a Repository synchronisation.


  • Users will need to have an FTP program such as FileZilla,
  • Users can all use Webmin to manage files in the repository after uploading,
  • Users will need the SSH client PuTTY,
  • Users will need all new mods downloaded and available for transfer to the Repository,
  • Users will need the Arma3Sync Windows client.


  • Serving Administrators of the 39th Battalion are rotated through this responsibility and are therefore required to follow this procedure.
  • This is to be completed no later than midday, Monday on the week of the syncronisation.


The procedure of performing a repository synchronisation is as follows:

Preparing Repository for Synchronisation

  1. Ensure that all necessary mods or downloaded onto your computer and ready to transfer,
  2. Connect to the Repository address using the FTP application of choice and upload files into desired subfolders,
  3. Connect to the Streamline HPGS address using the FTP application of choice and upload files to the Game Server root folder,
  4. Delete deprecated files (this can be done through the FTP or Webmin) and ensure all files are in their correct locations.

Performing the Repository Synchronisation

  1. Access the Repository via PuTTY, logging in using IP address and provided credentials.
  2. Perform synchronisation execution commands:
cd /home/a3srepo/
Please enter a command
Enter Repository name
Set maximum number of client connections (1-10)
Add compressed pbo files (yes/no)
Use HTTP partial file transfer
Add file path to exclude from build (leave blank to pass)
  • Leave blank and hit enter or return*
Add folder path to exclude local content when sync (leave blank to pass)
  • Leave blank and hit enter or return*
3. Upon completion:
To exit the Arma3Sync Console, enter
To exit PuTTY, enter

Checking if Repository was successful

  1. Open Arma3Sync client,
  2. Check the 39th Repository for appropriate changes.

Broadcast Results

  1. Post in the Forum and Discord that a successful synchronisation has been performed, ensuring to list new and/or deleted mods.



  • Filezilla: FTP application software,
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol is the standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network,
  • Webmin: A web-based interface for system administration of Unix,
  • Putty: A free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application,
  • SSH: Secure Shell (SSh) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network,
  • Repository: A server where the 39th Batallion Arma 3 game modules are stored for distribution,
  • Arma3Sync: A server to client syncronisation application used by the 39th Battalion to manage and distribute Arma 3 game modules.