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SOP No. 850
SOP Title Recording Game Footage
Author thraxjor
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 03 FEB 20
Last Review Date N/A
Reviewed By N/A


This SOP is being written to standardize OBS configuration to capture high quality game footage using the application OBS (Open Broadcast System).


This SOP is for members of the clan who intend to use OBS as there preferred video capture tool.


General understanding on how to use OBS.


Anyone is allowed to record game footage and publish to the internet to there own personal channels (youtube or vimeo) or streaming service account (twitch or mixer), however take great care as to not expose sensitive information such as real names, financial details etc in final published footage.


Configure Microphone capture with Push-to-talk.

OBS Hotkey.png
  1. Under OBS go to Settings.
  2. Hotkeys.
  3. Push-to-talk.
  4. Bind a key to use as Direct speech i.e MOUSE4.
  5. Bind a Key to use as Radio 1 (343) i.e F1.
  6. Bind a Key to use as Radio 2 (152) i.e F2.
  7. Bind a Key to use as Radio 3 (117) i.e F3.

Configure Audio Capture to match windows recording settings.

Windows Microphone.png
OBS Audio.png
  1. Select Audio.
  2. Change the Sample Rate to match your windows recording setting to check it do the following, in the General Section.
  3. Right Click on the Speaker icon in the taskbar.
  4. Select Open Sound Settings.
  5. Under Sound Settings, Select Sound Control Panel.
  6. Select the Recording Tab.
  7. Right Click on your Microphone and Select Properties.
  8. Click on the Advance Tab.
  9. Now in OBS, Change the Sample Rate to the match the Default Format, megahertz i.e 44khz or 48khz in the General Section.
  10. Under Devices Set Desktop Audio to Default or Select your device that you play audio though.
  11. Set Mic/Auxiliary Audio to Default or Select your device that you capture though.
  12. Under Hotkey Section.
  13. Tick Enable Push-to-Talk.
  14. Set 3 ms as the Push-to-Talk Delay.

Configure Output.

OBS Output Recording.png
  1. In OBS, Go to Output.
  2. Select the Recording Tab.
  3. Type = Standard.
  4. Recording Path leave as Default or point to disk drive that has high read/write capabilities i.e SSD or NVMe drive.
  5. Generate File Name without Spaces, leave this as default.
  6. Recording Format Set or Leave as MKV.
  7. Audio Tracks, Select 1 & 2.
  8. Encoder, If you have a NVIDIA capable video card Select NVIDIA NVENC H.264.
  9. Rescale Output, Enable and set to capture output size. i.e 2560x1440.
  10. Custom Muxer Settings, Leave Blank.
  11. Rate Control Set to CBR.
  12. Bitrate set to 16000 kbps. (i.e 16Mbps) for YouTube uploading. set to 50000 kbps (50 Mbps) high quality footage to edit in video editing software.
  13. Keyframe Interval set to 0.
  14. Present set to Quality.
  15. Profile set to High.
  16. GPU Set to 0.
  17. Max B-frames set to 2.
  18. Select Audio Tab.
  19. Track 1.
  20. Audio Bitrate 128.
  21. Name Desktop Audio.
  22. Track 2.
  23. Audio Bitrate 128.

Configure Video.

OBS Video.png
  1. Base (Canvas) Resolution 2560x1140.
  2. Output (Scaled) Resolution 2560x1140.
  3. Downscale Filter Bicubic (Sharpened Scaling, 16 samples).
  4. Common FPS Values 30.

Press Apply and Select OK to save the above settings.

Now in the main screen, go to the Audio mixer.

OBS Audio Mixer Advanced Audio Properties.png
  1. Press Cog/Gear icon and select Advanced Audio Proprieties.
  2. Now ensure that both Desktop Audio and Mic/Aux as configured as separate tracks.
  3. Once done, press close.

Press Record on the main screen, to start capturing footage and launch game.


ACRE2 Ingame Controls.
  1. Select Options.
  2. Select Controls.
  3. Select Configure Addons.
  4. Select ACRE2 from dropdown menu.
  5. Bind Radio 1 Transmit (PPT 1) to F1 Key.
  6. Bind Radio 2 Transmit (PPT 2) to F2 Key.
  7. Bind Radio 3 Transmit (PPT 3) to F3 Key.
  8. Click on OK.




OBS or OBS Studio, Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming application for Windows, MacOS & Linux.