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SOP No. 801
SOP Title Recruiting
Author Anfo
Revision No. 1.4
Implementation Date 22 JUL 15
Last Review Date 03 APR 19
Reviewed By thraxjor

Like any clan or group in elsewhere, adding to the member pool is essential to countering the inevitable membership leakage that occurs naturally over time. Without a positively geared recruitment strategy and management, the 39th would continue to experience a loss of members until the numbers are so low that continuing operations no longer became feasible.

Everytime a recruit applies for membership in the 39th Battalion, an investment in time and resources is made in the applicant. Recruiting must be performed at a high standard so that new applicants, particularly those who show the greatest membership promise, can be quickly identified and guided through the process with the minimum of confusion and delay.


The advantage 39th Battalion has by being a member of Day0 was automatic exposure to other Arma3 related game groups. The variety of game styles however leaves us with a reasonably small pool of gamers who enjoy to play Arma3 the way the 39th expects it. So while Day0 was a potential portal to new applicants, it is irresponsible to ultimately consider it the sole means to our recruitment end.

Naturally recruiting will experience passive marketing methods like Google or "word of mouth"; however active marketing secures more effective results if the goal is to obtain more applicants in a shorter space of time. Active marketing examples may include:

  1. Website banners - targeting websites like Armaholicthat already host Arma3 related content;
  2. Public server hosting - hosting a non-password 39th Domination style game server and speaking to non-affiliated visitors whom may be searching for a clan to join;
  3. Steam Arma 3 Discussions - contributing to discussions relating to community members looking for new groups to play with or posting general recruiting notices;
  4. Social Networking - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other like social networking sites, displaying content such as videos of the 39th in Sunday night operations;
  5. Arma Clans - A free Arma Recruiting website, where Arma clans worldwide are ranked by user votes to be the preferred clan for new membership;
  6. Public Server Play - Recruiting from 3rd party public servers is a controversial practice where the risk is a limited or permanent ban from that server. However, passively garnering prospective interest from other players simply by being present during play can be considered a strategy although not officially encouraged.
  7. 39th Battalion ARMA 3 Units Page - Service Offered by Bohemia Interactive to allow ARMA 3 players to search for units and join the clan.


The 39th Battalion Recruitment process is divided into four main phases:

  1. Written Application;
  2. Application Consideration;
  3. Induction Course;
  4. Evaluation Period.
39BN Recuritment Process.png

Written Application

When a prospective applicant navigates their way to the 39th Battalion website, they may eventually discover the Apply link located in the header menu of the website. The current Google form has been created for with application questions designed to deliver various outcomes:

  • Force an applicant to be accountable for the answers they provide rather than the "copy and paste" solution that is often chosen;
  • Apply a filter to allow Recruiters to better assess an applicants suitability;
  • Assert certain requirements that the 39th Battalion expects before potential non-conformists decide to apply.
  1. What is your Arma 3 in-game name (required)?
  2. What is your Arma 3 player ID number ?
  3. What is your Steam Profile URL(required)?
  4. What is your age?
  5. Country (required)?
  6. What State you living (Australia only)?
  7. How did you hear about the 39th Battalion? (Optional)

Applicant Consideration

A prospect simply completing the application questionnaire does not automatically guarantee a position in the 39th. What it does however is provide the Recruit Cell with its first glimpse at a prospect's attitude and demeanour which in itself may or may not advance an applicant to the Teamspeak interview phase. If an applicant is invited to be interviewed, a meeting would be conducted to assist the Recruit Cell further identify the applicants motives for choosing to join the clan and whether suitability would still apply. Should the outcomes of the meeting favour the applicant, the rank of Recruit is applied and the following administration is performed:

  • [39bn FNG] tag applied before the nickname of the recruit in teamspeak;
  • Permissions added to teamspeak, so recruit can join and moving around designated channels.
  • Apply to 39th ARMA 3 Units;
  • Invite/Apply to the 39th Battalion Steam group;
  • Overview of the 39th Battalion Discord, focusing on importance of regular viewing and response to discord announcements;
  • Direction to Performing a Client Repository Synchronisation with Arma 3 Sync Software
  • Inclusion of Recruit into Attendance and Qualification spreadsheets;
  • Recognition of the 39th Battalion Clan Charter.

Induction Course

The Induction Course was created to solve a problem where new recruits were not adequately familiarised with the skills and equipment adopted during 39th Battalion clan operations. This often lead to confusion and/or frustration as a result of the knowledge divide that existed between experienced members and new recruits. An Induction Course must be conducted prior to a Recruit being accepted into a Sunday clan operation. The one hour course is primarily a familiarisation focusing on the clan's most fundamental infantry skills. Although more content may be implemented, due to numerous time and resource limitations, the following topics are currently deemed adequate in order to satisfy minimum operational knowledge:

  1. Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE);
    1. Radio Identification and Configuration;
    2. Basic RATEL Protocol;
  2. Squad Formations and Patrolling;
  3. Target Indication;
  4. ACE Advanced Medical;
  5. Helicopter Infiltration/Exfiltration.

In order to conduct an Induction Course, scheduled time with Trainer and Trainee will be arranged after Trainee has downloaded the Training Modset from the Repository. Basic Training Courses are usually not normally considered until a minimum quantity of recruits make it worthwhile to run; however if the wait period becomes too extended for a single new Recruit then exceptions must be made to train the individual as soon as possible.

Evaluation Period

The final Recruiting phase is a four week operational evaluation. Following the Basic Training Course, a new Recruit is scrutinised for a period not less than four weeks that he is able to participate in 39th Battalion clan operations. The criteria for this final evaulation are:

  • The Recruit must be in attendance for a minimum of four weeks;
  • Leave requests are accepted, however leave and/or AWOL are not counted towards the four week evaluation;
  • Inconsistent attendance (i.e. too numerous leave or AWOL) may delay or negatively conclude the evaluation;
  • At the discretion of the 39th Battalion, a Recruit may still be denied clan membership either during, or at the completion of the four week evaluation period even if consistent attendance is achieved.

Following a successful four week evaluation, the Recruit is promoted to Member which implies full membership in the clan.