Writing a Standard Operating Procedure

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The following format is to be used when writing all new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). It is pre-coded in wiki markup therefore only needs to be copied to the new SOP page for editing.

{{SOP Block|123|How to write an SOP|Anfo|1|30 MAY 15|N/A|N/A}}

== Purpose ==
Why is this SOP being written?

== Scope ==
Who is this SOP for?

== Prerequisites ==
What will readers need to have/know before they use this SOP?

== Responsibilities ==
Explain here the people who have specific roles in this SOP.

== Procedure ==
Provide the information/steps/diagrammes required to perform SOP.

== References ==
What outside references were used to create this SOP?

== Definitions ==
Explain here any terms that may not be understood by the reader.

Formatting Preview

SOP No. 123
SOP Title How to write an SOP
Author Anfo
Revision No. 1
Implementation Date 30 MAY 15
Last Review Date N/A
Reviewed By N/A


The purpose of this working example is to help explain how a Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) is written in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.


This SOP is targeted at members of the 39th Battalion Clan whom have a responsibility in the planning, writing and developing SOP's for clan use.


Prerequisites to writing SOP's may include:

  • A sound understanding of the rules of the English language;
  • A responsibility or interest in the development of training and procedures.


The creator of the SOP assumes sole responsibility to the creation and updating of the information; however other members may contribute by offering feedback.


Procedure for writing an SOP:

  • Identify a need to document a procedure used by the 39th Battalion;
  • Practice the SOP in the field, accept feedback from peers and introduce, modify or remove redundancy;
  • Apply best practice from field trials into written form within Clan wiki;
  • Perform procedures in the field and react to ongoing changes in Arma and 39th gameplay by editing the wiki SOP to suit the changes.


WWW, Wikipedia, Standard Operating Procedure


  • Standing Operating Procedure: A set of procedures illustrating processes adopted by an organisation designed to maintain quality, efficiency and effectiveness.